Month: January 2021

Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA)

AD5I1876 1232x660 - 2020 – The year in review

2020 – The year in review

By Alex Wan 2020 was a year many would agree nothing much happened, yet went by so quickly. Singapore Squash came into the year 2020 with a bang. With a new committee on board, two large scale events were planned to take place – the Squash Ball in March and an exhibition tournament in June/July. The Squash Ball’s main aim was to raise funds for an interim squash centre in view of the planned demolition …

Phase 3 1232x693 - Phase 3: Return to Squash guidelines - Singapore

Phase 3: Return to Squash guidelines – Singapore

As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, Phase Three has commenced on 28 December 2020. Squash facilities will commence operations with certain mandatory safety measures. The manual below, provides the safety management measures specifically for squash, to assist and offer guidance to all facility operators, administrators and coaches, in line with the Government’s general advisory for Sport and physical exercise and activity. If necessary, the guidelines will be reviewed from time to time, dependent on the …