League Resources

For any enquiries, please write to league@sgsquash.com.

Season 1 – Team Captain resources

Season 1 schedule as of 5 Apr 21

SportyHQ – NSL weekly schedule and results

Score sheet – NSL 2021

Score Card NSL 2021

Chairman’s letters

NSL 2021 Letter to Clubs – 1st Communication – 8 March 2021

Rules, formats and grading list

NSL Rules & Regulations 2021

*SSRA Grading list (Public) as of 26 Mar ’21

*Grading list was updated after the 2021 pre-season 1 grading exercise. A final grading list shall be released after the receipt of Form B and C from all clubs.

Forms for submission

Form A – NSL Club entry 2021

Form B – NSL Club membership & players listing 2021

Form C – NSL Team entry 2021 (1 form per grade)

**Form G – NSL Grading Exercise Form 2021

**The NSL Team would like to emphasize that there is a requirement to apply grading (Form G) for the following groups of players:

  • New players without an existing grade
  • Players who have been inactive and are not reflected in the grading list

All submissions are to be sent to league@sgsquash.com.

Playing days

NSL 2021 playing days 1 - League Resources