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What is National Squash League

Started in 1973, the National Squash League (NSL) is the LONGEST running Sports league in Singapore. NSL is organized by SSRA.

Players are categorized according to their playing proficiency levels and the breakdowns of the different grades are as follows:

A Grade (Being the highest proficiency level)
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade
E Grade
F Grade
Men Veterans 1 (Above 40 Years old, A Grade and below)
Men Veterans 2 (Above 40 Years old, D Grade and below)

Ladies Division 1 (Ladies C and D Grade)
Ladies Division 2 (Ladies E and F Grade)

SSRA’s existing Individual Player grading system ensures a fair and competitive environment. Most importantly, it engages squash enthusiasts of all age groups and competency levels to participate in competitive tournaments. Coordinators are assigned to each grade and all players’ performance are duly documented for grade promotion review at the end of each season.

NSL is held annually and the season runs from March till end August / September. Matches are played on a weekly basis with Teams competing in a TIE with best of 4 stringers/matches. Each match is played to the best of 5 games. The accumulation of points won from each match marks the standings of each team.

Eligibility of Players

Any member of a club or organization that is affiliated to SSRA can play in the League. An entry fee, as determined by the Sub-Committee, shall be charged for each player and shall be paid to the SSRA at time of entry application. Full names, Identity Card/Passport numbers (last 4 digits), email address and contact number of players shall be registered with the SSRA for the league.

Registration and Seeding of Players

Each team in the Main and Ladies leagues can register a maximum of 15 players. Clubs must register all players in order of merit. The team line-up submitted to the Sub-Committee must be in compliance with the prevailing SSRA grading list.


NSL grading exercise marks the beginning of the League, this happens typically in the months of November/December annually. Registration of teams would follow in mid January of the following year. Deadline for team entries is around late February.

In case of queries, you may contact the Office at 63455675 or drop us an email at info@sgsquash.com / benson@sgsquash.com.

WARNING to Players on Heath Conditions

If you are feeling unwell or having symptoms including but not confining to dizziness, nausea, increased or irregular heartbeat, chest discomfort with light headaches, sweating, shortness of breath prior to your attendance or taking part in any squash events, you should refrain from participating in the said activity or event.

If you are having any of the above-mentioned symptoms during any squash events or competitions, or in the event of experiencing any discomfort or illness, you should immediately stop the activity and seek medical advice / treatment. Strenuous exercises are not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have contracted influenza; or are suffering from chronic illnesses; and after having taken medicine or alcohol.