Prospec Surfaces – an underrated squash supporter in Singapore

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Squash, as many of us would know, is a game also known as the wall-bashing game. It is called that for an obvious reason, and over time, the eventually bashed up walls get into a pretty bad shape. Unknown to some, the court flooring is all sprung too and it is because of this, squash players are having less knee problems these days.

Thanks to one of our loyal supporters, the walls and flooring at the Kallang Squash Centre has always been well maintained. Ask any avid player and chances are there wouldn’t be another court they’d rather play on in Singapore.

Prospec Surfaces, a locally born company, has to be amongst one of the most underrated supporters of the sport on the island. They are the people behind the scenes who have kept the courts at the Kallang Squash Centre in tip top condition for years.

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The company, formed in 1990, is a specialist company that deals with wall, ceiling and floor finishes. Two of the brands they represent; Armourcoat and Junckers, are products one would find in many squash courts and indoor sports arenas around the world. Both Armourcoat surfaces and Junckers sports flooring are World Squash Federation accredited products.

“We’re very passionate about squash. We started this company building squash courts, so we are always supportive of the sport. We are happy that the SSRA is doing so much to revive the sport and we will help where we can”, said Sharen Ow, a partner in Prospec Surfaces, who used to play squash leisurely herself some years back.

Given this is one of the busiest year on the SSRA calendar, the Kallang courts have seen a lot more action. Over the last 18 months itself, they have contributed to no less than S$ 40,000 of pro-bono work to keep the facilities in tournament-worthy conditions. The courts in Kallang Squash Centre were refurbished ahead of the Singapore Squash Open by Prospec Surfaces.

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In addition to maintaining the Kallang Squash Centre, another one of Prospec Surfaces great initiatives was the donation of two squash courts at the Outram Secondary School. The addition of the squash courts at the school must’ve done wonders for the school’s squash team. At the National B Division Squash championship this year, the once-minnows of the sport ejected traditional powerhouse Raffles Institution in the semi-final before losing out in the final to finish as runners-up.

Prospec Surfaces might have started with building squash courts, but the company have since grown over the years and have embarked on other surface products, ranging from decorative to functional finishes such as Armourcoat polished plaster and Ideapaint dry-erase paint for commercial, hospitality, institutional and residential projects. Amongst some of their distinguished projects include names like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and hotels such as Fullerton Bayfront Hotel, Mariott Tang Plaza and Shangri-la Hotel.

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Completed project at NUS Squash Court 3 and 4