MARIGOLD and VITAGEN – Singaporean household names and lifelong supporter of SG Squash

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If you grew up in the 80s onwards, chances are, you’d have had some MARIGOLD, VITAGEN or PEEL FRESH drinks. All three brands are part of the Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte Ltd umbrella, the largest dairy producer in Singapore whose history dates back to 50 years ago.

MARIGOLD has long been a supporter of Singapore squash, be it on the national level or in grassroots development. Amongst the bigger contributions was the sponsorship of $ 50,000 for the preparation of the 2015 SEA Games squads, where Singapore played host. MARIGOLD followed this up with continued support of the team’s preparation for the 2017 edition, where Singapore came home with their best ever haul of medals in recent years.

IMG 5240 1024x768 - MARIGOLD and VITAGEN – Singaporean household names and lifelong supporter of SG Squash
Mr Patrick Thio, Deputy Managing Director of Marigold and Dr Woffles Wu, President of SGSquash, with the 2015 SEA Games squad at the sponsorship presentation.

Our former national number one, Vivian Rhamanan, was also a recipient of MARIGOLD’s generosity back in 2016. Back then, Vivian decided to embark on a professional squash journey and went to compete on the PSA World Tour. However, six months down the road, he struggled financially and that was when MARIGOLD stepped in to help.

In the same year, MARIGOLD was also title sponsor at the 2016 Singapore Squash Open. It was the first year the Singapore Squash Open was a full-fledged PSA World Tour event, something that has continued on up to today.

MARIGOLD’s support for squash is not only limited to the SSRA’s initiatives or the national players, as countless number of local events organised by schools, universities and social clubs have been enjoying the brand’s products – both as prizes and on-site drinks. Annual events such as the SMU Squash Fever, the NUS Invitational and Angry Birds Squash Championships have been consistently receiving support.

On the grassroots level, VITAGEN has long been sponsors of Ultimate Squasher, one of the more popular coaching academies for children run by former Singapore national coaches Della Lee and Sandra Wu.

Unknown to some, the bridging factor of MARIGOLD and Singapore squash is Mr. Patrick Thio, Deputy Managing Director of Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte Ltd. He ranks amongst one of the top jumbo doubles players in the country and was an ex-national junior.

“I was an ex-national squash player and squash enthusiast. I hope to raise the profile and interest in the sport. Unlike other popular sports like swimming or table tennis, squash needs the resources, attention and efforts to promote and nurture young blood to take up the sport and play competitively,” Patrick said when asked why he chose to support squash.

IMG 1824 1024x683 - MARIGOLD and VITAGEN – Singaporean household names and lifelong supporter of SG Squash
Jumbo Doubles partners, Victor Koh (L) and Patrick Thio, came in Runners' up in the 2018 edition of The Lexian Cup

In line with their tagline For Health. For Life., Marigold has been producing and continuously improving on their products over the years to provide consumers with healthier products. One of their recent big changes was the move to producing products with less sugar. They have even rebranded their products to MARIGOLD and VITAGEN Less Sugar.

This vision for healthier products is not unnoticed as the company has earned a barrage of accolades including Number 1 Pasteurised Low Fat Milk, Number 1 UHT Milk, Number 1 Pasteurised Juice, Number 1 UHT 100% Juice, Number 1 Pasteurised Yoghurt and Yoghurt Drink and Number 1 Condensed and Evaporated Milk. With such credentials, it is without a doubt their products are hugely popular and is the undisputed market leader in the industry.

Most recently, one of their more popular drinks amongst our squash players is the MARIGOLD HL Chocolate Milk. This is also evident from the recent events where the chocolate milk packs have been running out a lot faster than any other drink.

This is thanks to recent studies by various parties that suggest that chocolate milk may be the best recovery drink for athletes. It is said that carbohydrate and protein content in chocolate milk replenishes the tired muscles better than most sports drinks.

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Singapore national player Chua Man Chin in a MARIGOLD HL advertisement
HL Milk stats page 001 o1u9ldm03wpdquyo8270dpu23147a6vi6lm4zfmihg - MARIGOLD and VITAGEN – Singaporean household names and lifelong supporter of SG Squash

Apart from squash, MARIGOLD is also supportive of the sports scene as a whole. They have been sponsors on numerous occasions for netball, with the most recent ones being the M1 Asian Netball Championships, Deloitte Pesta Sukan 2018 and the M1 Netball Super League. This year, MARIGOLD will also be supporting the South East Asia Open Short Track (ice skating) Trophy 2019.

“Majority of our products under MARIGOLD and VITAGEN Less Sugar are awarded with the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Health Promotion Board. Just like MARIGOLD corporate tagline For Health. For Life., sports enhance quality of life,” said Patrick at the end of our conversation.