SSRA 51st Annual General Meeting 2021

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15th September 2021


Nominations are now closed.

Members who would like to exercise their rights to Vote For, Against or Abstain the nominated Management Committee, please download and complete the Proxy Form at the end of this post.

Proxy Forms must be submitted by 7pm on Tuesday, 21 September 2021.

If you have not registered your attendance, please follow the instructions in the post below.


1st September 2021


Notice is hereby given for the 51st Annual General Meeting of Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) will be convened and held by way of electronic means on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, at 7.00 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business:


1. President’s welcome address.

2. To approve and confirm the minutes of the 50th Annual General Meeting 2020.

3. To approve and confirm the Annual report for the year ending 31st March 2021.

4. To approve and confirm the Annual Statements of Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2021.

5. To elect Office Bearers for 2021-2023.

6. To authorise the Management Committee to appoint the Auditors for 2021/2022 and to fix their remuneration.

6. To attend to any other business for which 7 days’ notice (by 15th September 2021, 7pm) in writing shall be given to the Secretary.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Tan


Important Notes:

In light of the current Covid-19 situation and pursuant to the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meeting for Registered Societies) Order 2020, the 51st AGM will be held by way of electronic means as follows:

1. Members will not be able to attend the AGM in person. They may only attend the AGM by observing and listening to the proceedings by electronic means.

2. Members will not be allowed to submit questions during the Live AGM webcast. Instead, all questions relating to the resolutions tabled for approval at the AGM, in advance of the AGM, in the following manners by 7p.m. on by email to by post addressed to Singapore Squash Rackets Association, 3 Stadium Drive #01-33 Singapore 397630 and must reach SSRA by 15th September 2021 7.00 pm.

3. We will endeavor to address all substantial and relevant questions submitted at the AGM but in the event we are unable to do so, our response will be emailed to the sender or, if it is of general interest, posted on our website.

4. A member wishing to exercise their rights to vote at the AGM may do so only by appointing the Chairman of the Meeting as the member’s proxy to vote on their behalf by:

Downloading and filling in the Proxy Form (PDF Version) and either by:

a) depositing it by emailing to SSRA at or

b) by post addressed to Singapore Squash Rackets Association, 3 Stadium Drive #01-33 Singapore 397630

5. In filling Proxy form, members must give specific instructions as to voting, or abstentions from voting, in respect of a resolution for the applicable sections. Failure to do so will invalidate the appointment of the Chairman of the Meeting as proxy for that resolution.

To avoid any delay in the postal service as a result of the Covid-19 restriction orders, members are encouraged to email their proxy form instead.

6. To attend the AGM by electronic means which will be conducted via Zoom, members will be required to register their interest with their Full Name as per their IC / Passport and their last 4 digits of their IC / Passport and if attending on behalf of any organization, to include the name of the organization that you are representing at the following address:

The details of the meeting will be sent to those who have registered.

All registration will close on 20th September 7.00p.m.

All members are encouraged to join the AGM at least 15 minutes before time. Any member having any technical issues, may email immediately with their contact number to and we will try to assist you.

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